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[Coach Mike Potter - As Featured in BESTFIT Magazine]


Hi I’m Mike I’m a fitness coach and trainer and I’d like to tell you a story about myself, but first, let me ask you a question. Right now as you look at yourself in the mirror, are you in the shape you want to be in? Are you happy with your Physique, weight and Fitness levels?


If your answer is no, then I feel your pain.


I was once in exactly the same boat..




From early childhood I had been overweight. From the age of six I added a stone to my frame with every year, until I hit 16…. By then I was 18 stone.


The thing is, I always did what mainstream media and general consensus said I should do to lose weight. Eat healthy foods like Pasta and Baked Potatoes with salad? Check! Move more? Check (Up to 9hrs of cardio per week)! Eat a big healthy breakfast of wholegrain cereal XYZ? Check!!!!


But all of this amounted to nothing but frustration, unhappiness and semi-resignation to  always being a “Big Guy”. By the time I was 25 years of age I had peaked at around 19 STONE.




I remember sitting looking through my Wedding and Honeymoon Photos with my wife and feeling utter despair and revulsion at the sight of myself. A huge double chin, rounded shoulders, man-boobs and a giant belly. I really felt like I was at rock bottom and that I would never look the way I wanted to look, Strong, Chiselled, Slim, Lean, Athletic and Masculine instead of soft, round and doughy like some sort of human sandbag!




This is the part where the story turns!


After seeing the Wedding and Honeymoon photos, something clicked, I decided I was going to sort out my weight problem no matter what it took. I spent the next year (2011) working hard and trying to eat well, by December 2011 I was down to around 18st again, which was good, but I wasn’t happy. I knew I should be able to have done much more than that In a year.


My wife was also pregnant..


The thought of my first son being born and seeing a huge fat guy sat waiting to hold him was too much for me..


[baby plate]


I knew I needed to get some help I’d tried for 20 years to lose weight and had very little success, so I turned to those who knew far more than me. Bodybuilders and Strength Athletes  ,I mean  these guys have to lose weight (sometimes very rapidly) for a living right? I was like a man possessed , I went trawling through as many Bodybuilding sites and forums and strength coaching sites and magazines than I care to even try and remember. I tried various methods, discounted things that didn’t work and kept what was effective until I had created a dieting system and exercise regime that fit around my life and my work patterns (At the time I was working a 9-5 office job). What can I say, IT WORKED!!




By the time my son was born in April 2012 I was around 15st. By September of that year I was 13.5 st, the slimmest I had been since I was 13 YEARS OLD! My systemworked for me faster than I had ever hoped it would.


Not only had I found a working system for weight loss but I had enjoyed the process of research and exercise so much that I decided I wanted to do it for a living. I left my office job in September 2012 and by November 2012 I was employed in a Gym, by July of 2013 I was taking on clients and helping them achieve remarkable weight loss and fitness goals too.




Now that I’ve told you my story I hope you realise that I am sincere in wanting to help people get into the shape of their lives. I was in a very sad and depressing place before my weight loss and I don’t think that anybody deserves to feel that way.


My objective is to get you into shape in as little time as is possible without going on a crazy “crash” style diet and my system will do just that. The system I developed is versatile, I can tailor fit it to your life and working patterns. But I also want to help you to be a stronger, fitter, healthier and more confident person too. My training methods will use exercise that transfer over to daily life easily, this will make every physical task you perform in life, easier!


I have developed a sound and solid knowledge of nutrition and exercise principles, I can tell you what to eat, when to eat it and how to train in order to shape yourself and make the same kind of life changing transformations that I made……. But I cannot make you train, I cannot stop you eating junk and I cannot cook your food for you – This all has to come from you.


The fact is 99.9% need not apply, if you haven’t reached the point of being willing to do whatever it takes to get in to shape, then nothing I can teach you will help. You need to be willing to make changes and sacrifices and you need to bring your best self into every training session and WORK HARD!


What’s stopping me doing this on my own?


Nothing! But it took me over 20 years to get where I am now, you could spend countless hours reading books, magazines articles and forums on the internet, as well as trying out all of these methods to see if they work!


I have spent a lot of money and sacrificed a lot of time to gain the knowledge that will allow me to teach you not only how to exercise and eat, but how to work around your barriers and life in order to still manage to hit your goals.


By working with me we can keep you constantly progressing from one week to the next using methods that are light years ahead of what your friends are doing..


So you can do it alone or you can follow my instructions and benefit from the 20 years it took me to get to where I am now.


So tell me, are you in that special 0.1% of the population who will do whatever it takes? It takes a special sort of person to live this lifestyle. I can lead the way and tell you exactly what you need to do. But in the end to be successful depends on what you are willing to give. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.


So if you’re the type that likes to knuckle down on a challenge I can show you the way. But if you are not ready to give 100% perhaps now is not the time for you

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