Revenge of the Tiny Pink Dumbbells

The “Tiny Pink Dumbbell” Workout


Pink weights

Ah the Tiny Pink Dumbbells. I’ve been a little harsh on these “weights” in the past, I know.

But believe it or not I actually do find these a useful tool to fire up your metabolism.

When I first became a Trainer I spent around £300 on equipment to take on sessions, with my Outdoor and Home clients and to use in Bootcamps.

One of my outdoor clients said she had a pair of these Plastic Dumbbells, and asked me if I’d like them. I scoffed at the notion at first but I’m a hoarder at heart and when she said she was gonna throw them I practically broke into her house to get them.

She brought them in to a session for me, 2 x 5kg Dumbbells so I decided we’d use them and quickly devised something Evil for her to do which went something like this:


DB Bicep Curls x 10 – rest zero, DB Top Squat x 10 – rest zero, DB Shoulder Press x 10 – rest zero,

DB Bicep Curls x 9 – rest zero, DB Top Squat x 9 – rest zero, DB Shoulder Press x 9 – rest zero

DB Bicep Curls x 8 – rest zero, DB Top Squat x 8 – rest zero, DB Shoulder Press x 8 – rest zero, and on and on until she had gotten down to zero reps

Needless to say I now adore this form of torture and I regularly put clients through this with smaller weights as a bit of a metabolic “kick up the arse” at the end of a session. My client definitely regrets bringing me those Dumbbells!

Heres how you do it:

- Choose 3-5 exercises that work opposing body parts (preferably compound exercise that work multiple muscles and joints)

- Order the exercises so that they “flow”. You’ll notice in the example above that on your last curl you can “lock” the weight at the top to start squatting, then at the top of the last squat you can start Shoulder Pressing.

- Start at 10-15 reps and work your way down with as little rest as possible. Alternatively try 3-4 rounds of 15 reps of each with no rest between exercises and 30-60 seconds between sets.

This training is fantastic for doing at home, you don’t even need to move from the spot you’re standing in! You can do it while you watch Hollyoaks (It will be less painful anyway), your metabolism will be ramped right up and you will stimulate a little muscle growth to Boot!

With Christmas around the corner, a little 10 minute trick like this will be perfect to do on Christmas morning to help soak up all the extra calories you’re about to eat.

Feel free to send me some abuse once you’ve tried this!

As always get in touch if you want any information about training and nutrition.

Happy Sweating!

Your Friend


P.S. Just in case you were arming yourself with a shit excuse. It doesn’t have to be tiny pink Dumbbells…! Those plastic sand filled things your Nan bought you for Christmas in 2005 will do. You could also use a satchel filled with clothes or a tin of Paint, you could even use a small dog! Anything that has a few kilos of weight in it!