Why Online Physique Coaching?

You’ve tried the Atkins diet, you’ve tried running and going to a gym. You still aren’t in the shape you want to be….. so whats the big secret??

Commitment, Consistency and Hard work are essential for Physique Transformations but none of these are worth anything on their own


Does this apply to you?

  • Your weight constantly yo-yo’s but you’ve done many diets with success

  • You exercise lots but your weight never seems to change

  • You take the supplements and follow the workouts recommended in magazines but you never get any bigger or stronger

I know exactly how you feel.

I felt this way for a long time and it was awful. But it’s not your fault.

We have all been given bad fitness and nutrition advice all our lives!

TV, Magazines and the Internet are polluted with awful advice designed to make sure the only Pounds you lose come from your bank account.


I spent all of my childhood and most of my Adult life battling obesity.

I managed to win my battle with obesity and I can teach you how to transform your physique..

I was always committed enough to train consistently, I spent hours of my time in the gym and I thought my diet was good.

Inspired by a famous Albert Einstein quote. I realised that what I had been doing wasn’t working, so I needed to try something different.

I always liked to figure things out alone, but if you can imagine being fat for 26 years and trying everything yet still failing at sorting your weight out, you just realise that you either accept you need advice and coaching to get results, or resign yourself to being very unlikely to ever hit your goals.

This lead me to seek help and guidance from those who make a living from both teaching exercise and losing weight – Personal Trainers, Bodybuilders and Strength Athletes.

Using the guidance I received along with my own consistency and commitment I achieved astounding results.



At first I didn’t track my progress. The advice I had been given seemed so counter intuitive to me that I didn’t believe it would really work.

But I stuck to my guns…

Within a month my trousers were falling down and I had moved up a notch on my belt.

I began to weigh myself after this and four months later I had dropped over 4 stone! (To me this was amazing but I have since achieved even greater results with clients)

Fast track to September of 2012 and I had shed a further 2 stone and was at the lowest weight I had been since I was 12 Years old!

This was a huge change to my health, image, life and confidence and it convinced me to change career paths.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been spending a lot of time speaking to, observing, and getting to know lots of people who have made similar (Sometimes far better) changes to me.

These are all amazing people with some great stories to tell about their lives and transformations but they all have some things in common:

Without question we all had commitment and consistency, but we were all lost at sea until we got GUIDANCE

The Guidance you need is here!!

The more I learnt about weight loss, exercise and nutrition, the more I learned about how and why the techniques I was given worked

I knew I was going to have to develop my own methods of fat loss, muscle building and strength & conditioning encompassing all of the extremely effective techniques I had learnt..


My coaching methods are like nothing you will have experienced before


You might be wondering how I can possibly help you get into the shape of your life from all the way over here…

And I know what you mean, but I know from my own experience that you don’t need someone standing next to you shouting “ONE MORE REP!!” in order to push yourself.

Having a sound plan, motivation and a desire to get in shape as well as GOOD GUIDANCE is more than enough to succeed

Here’s How I Can Help You To Get An Amazing Physique!

Going into a Gym and Hiring a “Personal Trainer” is an expensive business.

At £30-£150, for an hour of their time, and quite often, added extra fees you’d be forgiven for Baulking at the price tag associated with regular Personal Training, but you need guidance, good information and coaching!

Personal Training In A Gym Is Too Expensive!!

Online Physique Coaching allows me flexibility and it allows you as a trainee to train whenever you can. This flexibility and freedom of time allows me to

Greatly reduce my fees and pass this cost saving on to you!

And I can still provide a similar level of service as your average personal trainer

I can:

  • Perform an extensive assessment

  • Write you a custom exercise program based around your goals, limitations and current fitness levels

  • Provide you with nutritional advice and diet plans tailored to you

  • Perform a movement screen to make sure your results keep you performing at your best

  • Provide support

  • Schedule regular meetings to assess progress and keep you on track

  • Check your exercise form and teach you proper technique

But your average Personal Trainer doesn’t have my experience and knowledge!

Heres what I can teach you

What to do to break through any weight loss plateaus you hit

The system Pro-bodybuilders use to make it look like they have put on 20lb of muscle in just 12 weeks

It took me 10 years “in the trenches” to figure the simple rules of getting in good shape rapidly and I can teach these to you in no time. Incorporating these things alone will give you results far better than 90% of gym users

Did you know that there is a simple change you can make to your diet to optimise your bodies hormonal environment to prime it for fat loss? I’ll show you how to simply and easily incorporate this method.

The secret to revealing your abs (Tip: Its not to do 10,000 situps a day.. its much easier than that!)

1 small thing you can do every day to burn up to an extra 1lb of fat per week

So let’s wrap this up.

I believe in my coaching ability and I know that my own personal experience in overcoming obesity makes me the perfect candidate to help anyone, who needs the help, to reach their goals and get the body of their dreams..

So much so that if you aren’t satisfied with my coaching within the first month, I will give you a full refund, no questions asked!

I truly want to help you change your life and your physique the way that I did. If you’re ready for the challenge of improving your life and body then fill out the form below to apply for a risk free consultation with yours truly!

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