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PaulBA“I was struggling to lose weight and wasn’t sure which exercises were the right ones. Having taken many of Mike’s classes, which I enjoyed, I decided to have some Personal Training sessions with Mike. He built me a program based on fat loss, fitness and Strength and helped me with my diet by identifying the areas in which I was going wrong. The support I have received from Mike has been fantastic and he is always available to answer any questions even when he is not on the clock.

In 6 weeks I lost just short of 2 stone and reduced my hip measurement by 4.5 inches! My results were so great my wife has now started to work with Mike, I would highly recommend Mike to anyone, especially those looking to lose weight!”

Paul – 30, Soldier


“I didn’t think it [resistance training] would work at first as I was doing cardio & weighing myself daily before finding your help. After a few months of lifting I had actually put on weight (and was about to kill Mike) until I realised I had dropped 2 dress sizes. Ladies/gents this guy knows his stuff. Cheers for all your help & now my career change.”

Charlotte – Teacher



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“After years of trying and failing miserably at losing weight I realised that I lacked the motivation and confidence to go to a gym or Bootcamp sessions yet so desperately wanted to lose weight and become more active and healthy. I asked around and Michael was recommended.  I was nervous at first to contact him as i was so unfit, out of shape and lacked any get up and go and imagined the horror of this fitness freak/passionate fitness god/super fit, disciplined man looking at me and bursting into laughter!

How wrong was I?! Mike was friendly from first contact and we arranged to meet up for an initial consultation and assessment. As soon as I saw Mike, a tall chiselled hunk of a man [money is in the post Sam ;) ] step out of the car and look at me, I instantly knew it was him and felt sick! Mike put me at ease almost instantly as he explained that he too was once obese and would help me to reach my goals one step at a time. I ached for days after the first session but I had also for the first time in a long time felt positive about exercise.

Every session that followed was hard work, tough, tiring, yet fun! I get bored easily and thought that this hurdle might be one Mike wouldn’t be able to overcome, yet each session he introduced more exercises, different combo’s, circuits and used the space and equipment available to us very well.

Mike is a brilliant Coach, he kept me motivated even when I was ready to give up (which was a lot!) adapted sessions for me and managed to keep me smiling throughout. I noticed lots of changes along the way, my fitness increased, I lost weight, my body shape changed and I became much stronger. Thanks Mike!”

Sam – 28, Events Co-ordinator


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“I began training with Mike over a year ago. I chose Mike as I felt very comfortable and at ease with him, being a woman it can be very embarrassing working out with a male but Mike
was extremely professional and all my worries diminished immediately. Combined with his knowledge of exercise but also nutrition and how the body works I soon started to see results.

My overall goal was to tone my body and lose some weight, within a short time I could see my body changing. Mike made the exercises fun and interesting and gave me lots of encouragement when I felt I couldn’t do something. He is a keen listener and I could always rely on him for advice whether it be on exercise & nutrition or life in general !!

Mike is a professional who can help you achieve what you want and will support you every step of the way to achieve your goals, I can highly recommend Mike as your Coach”

Michelle 38 - Mother of two


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“I was in an unhappy place with my training. I had spent the three years prior to this in the gym six days a week sometimes twice a day and was racking up a total of roughly twelve to fourteen hours a week.

I had been competing in amateur body building and although I had done well in that short time the whole thing was taking a big toll on me and my family. The sort of training I had been doing was much regimented and now it was all over I had completely lost my motivation and sight of any future goals.

I considered myself to be very knowledgeable on “how to train” until I met Mike. I had seen him training his clients in the gym and felt impressed at what I was seeing but thought, why do I need a personal trainer? How do I justify this when I have experience? After a few more weeks dragging myself to the gym trying to stick to my home made training plans I knew my interest was dwindling, I had now hit rock bottom.

My husband encouraged me to contact Mike he had also seen him training clients in the gym and he was also impressed by his work                                                                      ethic. Under protest I did it! I had so many reservations. I booked in with Mike, we sat down together and I explained how I felt. I was looking for some motivation and excitement, I needed challenging, and although I am no longer competing I wanted to keep a good shape and continue to look athletic. I had put some weight on and was feeling sluggish. My eating habits had gone downhill and I felt yuk!

Day 1. Workout 1. Wow I was so pleasantly surprised. Mike had written up programs I had never seen before they were everything I wanted. They were challenging, exciting and fun. Mike himself was so motivating he oozes enthusiasm and takes a big pride in his work this was very clear from the start.

I train with Mike once a week and I can honestly say every week he has planned something different which is fantastic and never boring or tedious. Not only that I have a collection of plans with lots of different workouts for me to choose throughout the week. All carefully written and planned out for me to use so I can take into consideration how I am feeling on that day. So far Mike has taught me so much and I am learning more every week. I have learnt that I do not have to spend 12 hours in the gym a week to stay in shape. With smart training I only spend 4/5 hours. I have lost unwanted body fat and I have so much more energy.

Mike has helped me to regain my motivation and enjoyment towards training and I am really happy I took the plunge. I look forward to my training sessions again, which is amazing in such a short time.

Mike has everything one would look for in a Coach. He is, professional, extremely knowledgeable and up to date with the fitness industry as a whole. I would have no reservations in recommending him to anybody from a total novice to someone like myself who is more experienced but still wants to get the best from every workout.”

Mandy 44 - Bodybuilder and Business Owner


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“I first met Mike in November 2013, I had never had any personal training before and prior to this had been pretty lazy in the gym, easily getting bored moving from machine to machine without any real plan.
I wanted to lose a bit of weight and tone up if possible and get a little stronger, Mike devised a diet and training plan to stick to.  If I am honest I wasn’t expecting the change in diet but Mike helped me understand the relationship between a better diet and a training plan working together.

Once I had got over the initial shock of reducing my intake of bread, pasta, rice, diet coke etc it has got gradually easier and now a year later I am still mostly sticking with the different eating patterns.

Even though I am not having the PT sessions as often, I am able to stick with the training plan which gives me a better structure and a plan when I go to the gym.


I have lost just over a stone in weight but just as importantly feel fitter and  stronger as a result of combining the a great plan with a good diet.

Mike encouraged me throughout our sessions and devised diet & training plans personalised to my needs.  I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone no matter their needs and goals.” 

Dave – 40 Financial Planning Consultant


download (2)” Before I started personal training with Mike I was really apprehensive about if I would ENJOY my training let alone see any results! I have never had the knowledge to enjoy training or have the motivation..

As soon as I met Mike I felt at ease, he was friendly and encouraging and very patient! Straight away I found training fun. My sessions with Mike were things I wouldn’t have done on my own and I found myself looking forward to next week to see if I could do better! My training plan, for the days without Mike, was easy to follow and not too daunting.

Within the first few weeks I had lost over an inch on most areas of my body, not only was I happy with this but I was happy with my improved confidence in the gym and the enjoyment I was getting from training and my day to day fitness.”


Robyn – 25 Salon Manager